Bush Country Camp

Témiscamingue, Quebec

Our main lake is 19 miles long and 7 miles wide with beautiful crystal clear water and over 50 islands providing lots of sheltered areas to fish in rough weather. All portages to other lakes are short and well brushed; boats are located on all lakes. 

Lac sasseginega 

Fishing Regulations

At Bush Country Camp, we believe in preserving the Quebec fishing populations in all of the lakes we fish. Therefore, we ask all of our guests to abide by not only the Quebec fishing limits, but our camp imposed size limits as well. We believe that returning a certain size range of fish to the lake will ensure healthy, abundant fish stocks and will maintain the quality of Quebec fishing for the future. 

Please visit the following web sites for more information on fishing regulations in Quebec. Zec Quebec Fishing Quebec.

Lake Sasseginega 

is our number one producer of Walleye (up to 16 lbs.), Lake Trout (up to 32 lbs.), Northern Pike (up to 28 lbs.); a large body of water, but easily fishable. 

Lake Ecarte (Lost Lake) 

is primarily a Northern Pike and large Lake Trout lake - some Walleye, but not the quantity of Lake Sasseginega. Boats and motors available at the portage. Approximately 5 miles long. 

‘H’ Lake 

Our best Northern Pike water for quantity up to 20 lbs. Boats and motors available at the portage.

Bush Country Camp: Mike's First Lake Trout

BCC Lake Sasseginaga: 'H Lake Portage 

BCC in Lake Kipawa

Lakes in Témiscamingue